What do we use castor oil for?

Castor oil is the most popular cosmetic used by women all around the World. It consists of fatty acids, including oleic, stearic and lioleic. The most important task of this product is stimulation of hair growth. How can you use castor oil in conditioning of hair and scalp?

Castor oil in hair oil treatment.

Hair oil treatment is a very popular method for nourishment, moisture and cleanse of scalp. How does it look like? On scalp and hair is applied such amount of oil, which will match their length, volume and level of damage. After an hour, you wash your hair with delicate shampoo. It seems like very easy cosmetic method. Yes, but not with castor oil. Why? Firstly, this cosmetic is really difficult in application on hair. Secondly, castor oil is hard to rinse. Thirdly, castor tends to cause dryness and darkening of hair. Of course, there are simple ways to overcome those difficulties. You just need to mix castor oil with other oils and moisturising substances. Very popular is also hair mask made with eggs and lemon juice.

Conditioning of scalp with castor oil.

Castor oil is known for its hair growth stimulating properties. If you want to provide your hair with additional few inches or a bit of volume, you have to find right method of application. You can heat it up a little and then rub in the scalp at roots. The massage will improve blood circulation, speed up absorption of nourishing ingredients contained in the cosmetic and stimulate work of hair bulbs and follicles. On top of that, castor oil regulates work of sebaceous glands, prevents dandruff, limits greasy hair and calms irritations.

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There are many women to whom the effects of castor oil don’t have to be explained – after all, it’s a long-known oil that was, is and still will be one of the best natural cosmetics ever given to us. You can grant yourself with the the highest-level care by choosing the high-quality product. Nanoil [&hellip


Castor Oil – Women’s Favourite Hair Care Product

All hair maniacs know the properties of castor oil very well. There is no other, such effective oil used to boost hair growth. It is worth looking for it in hair care products or use it on its own. Keep on reading to discover the best ready-made cosmetics with the content of this precious oil. [&hellip


Beauty Uses Of Castor Oil.

Castor oil is extracted through cold pressing of seeds of plant called the castorbean (Ricinus communis). You can buy such a mixture at the chemist’s or herbal store. The product is used in hair and scalp care. Check the cosmetic uses of castor oil. Women face the problem of hair loss very often. Luckily, castor [&hellip


DIY Castor Oil Hair Mask.

Castor oil is commonly used in beauty treatments. Why? It’s because it has a wonderful influence on the condition of our hair and scalp. Arguably, it is connected with its ingredients, namely fatty acids (oleic, linolic, stearic). The properties of castor oil are equally important and the most important one is stimulating hair growth. Used [&hellip


Castor Oil – Ally Of Your Hair.

Castor oil is extracted from the seeds of a tropical plant called castorbean. The plant is found in India, USA, Mediterranean countries, South Africa and Mexico. The product is extracted through cold pressing without the use of chemical substances. It has yellow colour, characteristic scent and dense consistency. After opening, the product must be kept [&hellip


Castor oil protects hair ends.

Split ends are a true nightmare of every woman. Frequent colourisation, combing, blow drying or even scraping against clothes and tight hair styles like ponytail can lead to worsening of hair condition. Fortunately, systematic use of castor oil can help in repair of hair ends. You should only remember about heating the cosmetic up or mixing it with other cosmetic oils prior to application.

Castor oil as an addition to hair conditioners, hair masks and shampoos.

Castor oil can be used as an addition to hair conditioners, hair masks and shampoos. To enhance properties of other cosmetics, you need to add few drops of castor oil to given product and mix it. It is obvious that this type of mixtures have to be applied before hair wash and then thoroughly rinsed. Otherwise, your hair will be weighted down and scalp - greasy.