Castor Oil Hair Mask

Castor oil is commonly used in beauty treatments. Why? It’s because it has a wonderful influence on the condition of our hair and scalp. Arguably, it is connected with its ingredients, namely fatty acids (oleic, linolic, stearic). The properties of castor oil are equally important and the most important one is stimulating hair growth.

Used regularly, castor oil nourishes the scalp, provides it with natural pH and helps to fight some skin conditions. It regulates functioning of sebaceous glands, prevents oily hair, eliminates dandruff and alleviates irritation. Castor oil strengthens hair bulbs and follicles as well as makes hair grow healthy and strong. Additionally, it makes split ends smooth, shiny and restored. It protects hair and scalp from the effects of damaging factors of external environment, including: UV radiation, air pollution, salty and chlorinated water. What is more, castor oil protects hair from drying ingredients of washing and colouring products (SLS, ammonia).

Castor oil is cheap and widely available. You can buy it at the chemist’s or herbal store. It’s very common as a product added to home-made cosmetics for hair and scalp care. You can make a mask stimulating hair growth using castor oil and food products that you have at home. You need: yolk of chicken egg, cosmetic kerosene and your favourite hair conditioner. Don’t forget about castor oil of course. You may also add lemon juice and honey. Mix all the ingredients well. You should get consistency which will make the mask easy to apply to hair. Right after the application, put on a shower cap and towel. After ca. 30 minutes, wash the mask away thoroughly. You should do the treatment at least once a week.

Castor oil treatment can be performed in a different way. You apply 25 ml of the cosmetic to the scalp and massage energetically. Then, put on a shower cap and towel or a hat. After a few hours, wash it away with a delicate shampoo. The treatment needs to be done once a week until you can observe desired effects. After the treatment, your hair will be longer and thicker whereas the scalp – soothed and healthy.